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Stacy Kamin

Stacy studied illustration and traditional animation at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, earning a BA in 2000. After graduation, she interned with a small animation company long enough to realize that illustration was not her calling, although a fascination with capturing movement was. This she would explore through line and paint as a fine artist.


Drawn to the dramatic effects of Rembrandt, Stacy sought out the instruction of two well-known masters of this knowledge—David A Leffel and Sherrie McGraw. She credits their influence for the startling light that she is able to achieve in her own work. “They introduced me to Abstract Realism, a way of painting so rich that I can’t imagine my education ever ending—I will be a student of this great tradition for my entire life.”


In her own words Stacy describes this life-long obsession this way: “I believe art work is supposed to evoke emotions and feelings in human beings. When I see a great painting, it talks to my soul. Even if I can’t describe what I feel—when I respond to a great work of art visually—it speaks to me in a profound way. The reason I strive to improve is that the magic of capturing life on a flat surface will forever intrigue me.  I want my own work to provoke such thoughts and emotions to the beauty that captivates me still.”



The gallery is proud to be hosting the debut of The Stobart Foundation recipients exhibits with Stacy Kamin, Light and Movement. Stacy was awarded a Stobart Foundation Grant in 2012 based on her talent and her proposal to study and paint in Paris, Amsterdam and Arizona. Many of the more than thirty paintings and forty sketches that are the result of her journey will be part of the exhibit at the gallery.


Stacy, is an extremely talented artist who exemplifies The Stobart Foundation's philosophy that traditional methods and painting from nature are a vital legacy to the art world. She lives in California and is a member of the California Art Club and Oil Painters of America. A traditional realist painter Stacy shares her talents by giving classes and workshops on traditional realism. In her paintings, she uses thick broad strokes to create her expressive style. The underlying movement of each work is mysterious and exciting -- her images are fresh, full of light and instantly appealing.

“I realize I am lucky enough to be alive at this time, when Realism seems to be experiencing a renaissance. Art history has very few women realist role models… So when I contemplate making my way as an artist in a field dominated by men, and at a time when Realism is virtually ignored by the art critics and institutions, it makes me even more determined to achieve my full potential as a realist artist.” - Stacy Kamin



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